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Sep 01 2013

Nine Ways To Jump Start Your Marketing

It’s harvest time and the busy fall tourist season is almost here.  Perhaps you have been too busy with daily winery tasks to implement the marketing plan created back in January.  So what can be done now to fill the tasting room, turn visitors into loyal fans and increase sales?  Follow the tips below and watch positive […]

Jul 30 2013

The Importance of a Winery Tasting Room Greeter

Recently I visited Oliver Winery in Bloomington, Indiana.  Wow.  This is the first time I have visited a tasting room that did everything right.  It is as if they read all my articles and taken all my VESTA marketing classes.  If you know me, I am very big on great customer service and theirs rocked. […]

May 15 2013

Top Ten Tasting Room Etiquette Tips

Spring is here and the busy summer season is quickly approaching for wineries. Visitors will soon flock in droves to wineries to enjoy the weather, the wine aromas and the unbeatable Midwest winery experience. To ensure all our visitors have a pleasant winery experience, please share these Simple Tasting Room Etiquette Tips with your visitors by posting in […]

May 09 2013

Six Ways to Reach and Retain Customers

How do you attract customers and keep them coming back? In this mobile, socially connected world, wineries need to be at the top of their marketing game because making great wines isn’t enough. Successful tasting rooms must find new customers, retain current customers and engage with them to keep them coming back. Follow these 6 […]

Mar 25 2013

Do You Have a Marketing Plan for 2013?

Recently,  I read a marketing article that said if the fish aren’t biting in your fishing hole, you need to either change your bait, move to a different fishing hole or change your fishing techniques. Look at what you did last year and if you didn’t get the desired results, change the plan. Start by […]

Nov 30 2012

Six Ways To Maximize Holiday Winery Sales

How has your year been? Holiday sales can help end the year for your winery on a high note. It’s easy for wineries to get lost in the shopping frenzy.  To stand out from other businesses, make your customer’s lives simpler during the holidays by offering solutions to their gift giving dilemmas. Here are six […]

Oct 31 2012

Six Steps for Increasing Tasting Room Sales

  During this weak economy, lack of sales seems to be a common complaint from wineries across the country. Wineries need to sharpen their selling skills and brush up on customer engagement techniques to make each visitor a loyal and satisfied customer. Follow these six simple steps and watch sales grow and customer satisfaction increase. […]

Sep 01 2012

Four Simple Ways To Increase Tasting Room Revenue

Would you like to increase your winery tasting room revenue?   With wine country visits increasing during the fall, now is the time to make the most of sales opportunities and increase your bottom line.  Here are four simple ideas to boost tasting room revenue: Increase sales to existing customers This is the easiest way to […]

Jul 12 2012

Is Your Winery Website Mobile Friendly?

I am on a mission to encourage wineries to focus on their websites.   Having a mobile friendly website can have a huge impact on the number of visits to your business.    A simple question from a VESTA student in the Winery Marketing class I teach started my most recent quest to help wineries improve their websites. […]