Consulting fees:

Invest in your winery and hire Patty for the day or two, and she will evaluate, train and educate your staff with customer service skills and sales techniques to increase your tasting room profits.

The daily consulting fee at your winery is $1000 plus expenses.

To consult with Patty on a follow-up basis, you can retain her services for a full month using email, Internet conferencing or personal phone calls for an additional $300.

Patty is all about visualization and personalization when it comes to her consulting services to wineries. No matter if your winery is 1 mile or 500 miles away, Patty can give you and your staff members one-on-one instructions with JoinMe, an online service providing internet conferencing. $75 per hour.

Additional consultative services are billed at $75 per hour.

Or choose one of her passionate packages:

“Hiring Patty to consult for a day was worth every cent. She helps find areas to improve your business you wouldn’t have thought needed it. She helped get all the staff on the same page with a common goal. It takes money to make money; we made more money after her visit and improved our business as a whole!” – George and Brandi Hoff, Stone Pillar Vineyard and Winery